Exit is NOT a Four Letter Word (Financial Advisor Edition)

How to Transition Your Practice Profitably & Proudly

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Coaching advisors and entrepreneurs on their succession plans is complex. These books have the potential to change the financial fortunes of those who implement a refreshing new exit process, delivered here in an entertaining and informative style.

EXIT is NOT a Four-Letter Word provides advisors and entrepreneurs with the rationale and routine to motivate them to prepare for the eventual transition of their business to the most qualified successor. The result will be continued service to clients who trust you, greater value to you for your life’s work, and greater certainty about the industries future.

The Entrpreneurial version is a great gift to business owner clients to initiate conversations of the sale of their business and management of proceeds.

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Passing on your financial advisory business will happen, and it will be life-changing. Buy, read, and re-read George Hartman’s latest book EXIT is NOT a Four Letter Word. Otherwise, run the risk of wishing you had when it comes time for you to sell.

Ian R. Campbell
Author of 50 Hurdles: Business Transition Simplified

Clear, concise, executable … George Hartman distills the essence of achieving succession preparedness and makes it easily digestible as we read the story of Henry, an advisor facing the universal succession choice points. The Coach’s Recap crystalizes the takeaways in each chapter and the accompanying exercises give you a roadmap to construct your own transition plan. A must-have guide to start your succession strategy.

Mary Ann Buchanan
Founder & CEO, RIA Match

George has a unique ability to take difficult concepts and get to the heart of the matter. In a simple and straightforward style, he not only shares practical tactics that will help advisors increase the value of their businesses but also tackles some of the bigger, emotional issues that are tied up in succession. As importantly, it not only examines how to think about succession, but when.

Julie Littlechild

I read a number of books on the subject of succession planning prior to my retirement and the sale-after 40 years-of my share of our firm. Most dealt with valuation issues only. Today, were I to planning my retirement sometime in the near to intermediate future, George’s latest book would have been invaluable to me as it covers a host of non-financial (but critical) matters — some of which I only learned were important AFTER I retired. I highly recommend EXIT is NOT a Four Letter Word as an excellent step-by-step guide to achieving a successful transition of your financial planning practice.

Jim Rogers
Founder, Rogers Group Financial, Past President MDRT

George Hartman has provided a simple yet elegant guide for financial advisors who are struggling with both succession of their business, and how and when to retire. He points out that few advisors have written succession plans and that many have never reflected on the important qualitative factors that can really drive business valuations. In my view, George’s book is a must-read for any successful financial advisor — particularly those who have reached mid-career.

Greg Pollock
President & CEO, Advocis — The Financial Advisors Association of Canada

George Hartman’s great experience in succession and transition has proven to him that the most successful transition plans take years to develop and unfold. Through powerful stories that will motivate you to get started on your plan regardless of the type of advisory practice you have, George guides you through the steps to avoid the number one succession plan advisors have today — doing nothing. Get George’s wisdom, his checklists and his plan — get this book!

Grant Hicks
National Director of Practice Management, Co-author, “Guerrilla Marketing For Financial Advisors”

Through a clear, story-telling format— featuring George Hartman (the coach) and Henry (his model client) — EXIT is NOT a Four Letter Word explores the steps, challenges and consequences of formulating a successful succession plan. Each chapter details their in-depth conversation, offers real-life examples, includes a Coach’s Recap of the lesson plan and provides an exercise that allows readers to work through the process on their own. I could not put this fun-to- read book down. If you want to learn from one of the industry’s most insightful coaches what it takes to realize the value of your life’s work and proudly protect your legacy, neither should you.

Emily Chiang, CFP
Author, Selling Your Financial Advisory Practice

Hartman charts the financial and emotional cycles that vari- ous advisors go through in mak- ing the decision to retire while he instils the importance of plan- ning for succession, a process that he says can take longer than most advisors realize — often as long as five to 10 years.

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Dwarka Lakhan
The Investment Executive

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